Thursday, July 27, 2006

Continuing Education ....

No doubt the title of the post is somewhat a misnomer. Nevertheless apt for what has been happening these past 2 weeks.

First my article on Education got published in The Hammer and is now being sold. Next AJC students are embarking on a project to bring politics into the classroom (to put it loosely) and have sent me a questionaire which is being followed up by an interview later today. Very shortly thereafter ST also sent me a questionaire re the propensity of youth to migrate relative to our neighbouring countries as well as boredom in school. And today, ST ran more then 2 full pages of articles on education!


The ST article will be published on Sunday following which I will post my full and unadulterated responses here. I will also seek the ok of the AJC students to similar post my responses to their questionaire in full up here - later today or at a date with which they feel comfortable.

Suddenly it seems like education is THE HOT BUTTON TOPIC for the month prior to NUS / NTU re-opening their doors for the school year. Coincidence or?