Thursday, August 09, 2007

N Day 42

Great show man! Somehow there was some new fresh feeling about this NDP compared with previous years!

Great job to all the performers, organizers and cleaners who will have a hell of a time tonight!

Finishing off with 'dare to find, dare to find, dare to find ... new ways' is a great way to bring the country forward. Should be the mantra going forward. Wonder if it means 'dare to find new ways [as long as one does not oppose the PAP].'

Anyhow, Happy Birthday Singapore. You are more then just the PAP!

so ......... anybody found out about the 1.2 ton durian tender by SOCOM posted about 2 months back? was it 70% of each durian bitter and 30% sweet? or 70% of durians in each basket bitter and 30% sweet? or 70% bitter and 30% sweet for each seed? were there any successful bidders? :D was it bitter or sweet?