Friday, March 16, 2007

So this is justice?

Today's Straits Times:

"Last October, laws were tightened against employers who put their maid's lives in danger. On conviction, an employer who knowingly allows a maid to endanger herself, or forces a maid into a dangerous situation, can be jailed up to three months and fined up to $250. The employer will also be permanently barred from hiring foreign maids."

So ..... forcing a person into a dangerous (life threathening situation) attracts up to three months jail and find of $250 but punching an MP attracts up to 20 years jail and an optional fine?

I think we have our priorities all mixed up here.

It is blatant that this government is promoting double standards with regard to the sanctity of human life / security.

Should the citizens then choose to behave any other way then what is reflected as governmental policy?

Are Singaporean employers really to blame for treating maids this way since the law reflects this inequality?

If the government and the law makers - certainly not the MPs in this case - have no regard for ordinary human life, and are apparently appointed into position by representatives chosen by a simple majority of Singaporeans through an election then ................