Monday, January 19, 2009

Contractual age down to 18? Breaking open the reserves?

Now Singaporeans can legally engage in businesses from the age of 18 and run the risk of runaway success or otherwise as luck, prudence and other factors may so allow.

But 18 to 21 year olds still remain unable to vote and choose a government they may want to have.

Makes sense?

The former arguments so vehemently raised by so many quarters on how 21 year olds can barely think for themselves since most of them are not yet out of school is now rescinded?

I'm 18, I can engage in legal undertakings for commercial purposes, which if successful will ultimately result in corporate taxes to support the government and its various expenditures but I cannot choose the government who will be spending MY money? hmmm .... uniquely Singapore?

* * * * *

Its now officially a rainy day and the government has proposed to break out the piggy bank. Really? What if there is a rainier day ahead? Where does financial prudence end and political necessity begin? Elections coming? Digress package? Or Foie Gras package?

Your guess is as good as mine ........ GST at 10% once the recession is considered over or a 100% increase in ERP rates since there has been 'no increases' in the last 3 years .... to 'replenish' the reserves?

Keep watching the headlines .... the dots have to connect sometime ..... as they inevitably do.

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