Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Did Obama just describe how some Singaporeans feel?

"I know how frustrating it is for taxpayers when they're looking and they're saying, 'let me get this straight -- you've got a guy who's making 20 million a year who ran his bank into the ground, and now we've got to come in and clean up the mess?'" - US President ELECT Barrack Obama.


santary said...

sometimes I hate the situation where people say " I know just how you feel" Can anything be really done about it?

The Dude said...

With due respect to President Obama, I say cut the BS, take a hardline stance, nationalize the banks and clean up their act. It's painful, it's contrary to the capitalist profit-maximisation maxim, but a necessary step to save the financial sector.

...of course, the bankers would say God forbid that to happen, but well, desperate times call for tough measures.