Sunday, March 01, 2009

Money flowing out of Singapore if it were handed to the consumers?

Going by the date sequence of these headlines ........ I'd say money was flowing out anyway whether or not it was given out as cash - which it is. At least our neighbours are profitting from Singov's pro-business policies.

Feb 28, 2009
Courts prepare for 'recession crimes'
Feb 28, 2009
Tour bargains snapped up : Huge crowds look for bargains; Thousands visit Natas fair as the thirst for travel remains strong

Feb 28, 2009
$125m prop for infocomm sector to save 10,000 jobs

March 1, 2009
Total of $343 million given to 271,000 workers a month earlier than planned

I could have been nasty and played the media soundbite game by not placing the dates of the articles to make the headlines read in an order even more disastrous ..... looking ..... ??

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